Overnight To Innsbruck

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He spent another day at Abu Hamed, hostage to his own impetuousness. When morning came, dry and scorching, he woke suddenly and thought he was suffocating. He dived towards the door, but the air was equally tight outside. … He longed for a drink, but would have to wait for Suleiman to arrive if he was to get some tea, so he went for a walk – down to the Nile which, in an unassuming, timeless way, demanded veneration.

Overnight To Innsbruck

Kindle & paperback
by Denyse Woods

On an overnight train to Innsbruck, ex-lovers Richard and Frances meet by chance – four years after their mysterious separation on a train journey through the vast expanses of the Sudanese desert. They tell their separate stories of fear, confusion and loss, trying to unravel the truth of what happened – and confronting the bitter possibility that one of them may be lying.

As their train hurtles through a long sleepless night, a third passenger eavesdrops on their conversation, mesmerized by a complex dialogue that probes into the very nature of truth and personal identity. A story of love and doubt, Overnight to Innsbruck, is charged throughout with tantalizing puzzles and has all the tension of a first-class psychological thriller.

Published -
  by The Lilliput Press
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‘A real treat of a read …. I read it in one sitting, holding my breath, such is Woods’ skill in building up tension.’

Spectator Magazine

‘… a rare delight. This stunning debut reminds me of Olivia Manning’s Balkan Trilogy.’

Books Ireland

‘Unputdownable! Brilliant storyline. Great humour yet deeply questioning and moving.’

Joe Duffy RTE